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Leading your professional development, career growth and work responsibilities in balance with your life priorities can feel overwhelming. We at LIVIO JOY guide you to design your meaningful career path, thrive in your role and fulfil your exciting vision.



Increase career happiness

Do you dream of a happy, meaningful and balanced life but finding it difficult to live by your valued priorities and healthy boundaries?


Do you feel ineffective and disengaged in your current role but being uncertain how to inspire you and your team to work towards shared goals?

Do you think that your current job role is not meeting your career interests but you're unsure what would excite you next?


Increase work happiness, engagement and overall success for yourself, your organisation and your team members. Ask for a consultation to begin your journey towards a fulfilling career and flourishing in your role.

Guidance with joy

Get where you want to be faster and more efficiently than if you acted alone. Our LIVIO JOY career and leadership coaching support you towards your desired situation and career goals.


During your coaching journey, you'll start taking active control of your career planning and lead your desired professional growth path in harmony with your valued life priorities. We empower you to follow your passions and make needed changes with joy!


Read more about LIVIO JOY and our coaching approach combining professional experiences from various fields and personal life changes and career transitions.


How I changed my life

 “Thanks to this coaching process, I had the courage to set myself free from my self-limiting beliefs, and due to that, I received a job offer that meets my dreams and goals. I set achievable goals and created an action plan that fits in my hectic daily life. I also managed to slow down and add more of those things I actually wanted to have in my life.” - Saana 

Does this feel familiar to you?

In your current role, you're feeling ineffective and unfulfilled but you're not sure how to find excitement. You think increasing meaning in the work that you do would improve your motivation and life quality but you don't know where to begin. You're dreaming of a happier and balanced life but finding it difficult to set healthy boundaries and have time for your important priorities.


Supporting your team's needs and meeting business targets feels exhausting and you wish to have the energy to thrive in your leadership role. You want to reframe the meaningful business vision and find inspiring ways to engage others in their input. You're also looking to get objective views to help plan purposeful actions and be confident in supporting long-term success.


What if you could...

  • enjoy leading your exciting professional growth and career path to add meaning in your life

  • set healthy boundaries and live by your passions, purpose and priorities to increase your happiness

  • have a clear vision to help you prioritize your important activities and focus your efforts purposefully

  • be energised and engaged in your work responsibilities

  • feel valued, motivated and efficient work colleague and empower also others to thrive towards shared goals

  • have time for your personal interests and relationships

  • use your strengths and potential to achieve anything meaninful and flourish in your profession


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Join the LIVIO JOY coahees and succeed in your desired outcomes related to planning your career vision, improving your work engagement and enjoyment, enhancing leadership skills to inspire you and your team to thrive for shared goals or overal well-being to flourish in your responsibilities.

Give away confusion, welcome clarity & joy

Navigating career development, fulfilling job responsibilities and balancing work and freetime alone can feel overwhelming and consuming. We've been there. We've also experienced the impact of coaching on our personal and professional growth. Therefore, we encourage to get professional help to save time, energy and tears.


No more doubting about what's right for you. Using LIVIO JOY guidance, you begin to control of your life and career, take action feeling confident you're going in the right direction and go after your clarified vision aligned to your needs and priorities.


We are with you





Learn ways how to lead your vision and inspire others to join your mission feeling fully engaged in their work.

Explore your meaninful career and professional growth path and go after your clarified plan with confidence.

Take control of desiging your lifestyle according to your priorities combining your career and personal interests.


Your guide Kaisa

 Your LIVIO JOY coach Kaisa offers fresh insights combining lessons from Finland, the world's happiest country, with her international experience and recognized coaching methods. Kaisa specialises in empowering you to embrace your natural strengths, potential and freedom of choice to create a meaningful lifestyle and career path for you to enjoy life. 

Desing your dream career

We at LIVIO JOY are so glad to see you here exploring what a meaningful and exciting career path and lifestyle means to you, and how you can increase your life quality, happiness and fulfilment by focusing on what is important to you.


We believe investing in yourself - your happiness and flourishing - will have the biggest impact on how you experience life. Your enjoyment will influence your mood, and so thriving for success which impacts others around you. We humans drive to find significance and ways to help others. So, experiencing having meaning in our life has proven to increase happiness, satisfaction and work engagement among many other well-being factors. Therefore, we're inviting you to think about how you can add meaning to your work and free time?

Gain clarity & direction

"Kaisa didn't shy away from asking challenging questions that both broadened my perspective and challenged my own thought process. Having someone to talk to, who's impartial and willing to challenge you, will completely transform the way you think, live and thrive. I can't think of anyone better than Kaisa to take you on this journey."

- Stefan


Purpose-driven professionals often come to us to find ways how to increase happiness and balance while improving meaning in their career and clarity on their desired professional growth direction.


As a result of the LIVIO JOY coaching, our clients have elevated their confidence, goal-setting and leadership skills to go after their current targets aligned to their longer-term vision. By taking planned actions they have received job offers, landed to dream roles and exciting workplaces that meet their professional interests while improving their life quality by focusing on what is important.


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